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Get The Led Out - Tribute Band

20th March 2018 - Tuesday 19:00

Sensational Led Zeppelin tribute band Get The Led Out is bringing its signature Led Zeppelin experience to the Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall!

Get The Led Out – Tribute Band consists of professional musician’s whose mission is to bring the studio recordings of "the mighty Zep" to life on the concert stage. Composed of Paul Sinclair (lead vocals and harmonica), Paul Hammond (electric and acoustic guitars and mandolin), Jimmy Marchiano (electric and acoustic guitars and vocals), Adam Ferraioli (drums and percussion), Andrew Lipke (keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, and percussion), Phil D'Agostino (bass guitar and vocals), and Diana DeSantis (special guest vocalist on ‘The Battle Of Evermore’), the band delivers a definitive Led Zeppelin experience. Paul said in an interview, “The perception of a tribute band is musicians performing in ill fitting costumes with bad wigs. Our goal is to recreate the the multilayered recordings they made, the recordings everyone remembers, live, on stage. Many people don’t quite understand the layering of instruments in recordings. Zeppelin never did what we started doing live. In a song like ‘Ramble On,’ they would have had to add more instruments than four people could play live at any one time. And they weren’t about hiring more musicians.”

Don’t miss your chance to see the artists who aren’t an impersonator act but rather musicians who were fans first, striving to do justice to one of the greatest bands in rock history! Click the button below to see Get The Led Out - Tribute Band on Tuesday, March 20th!

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